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  One Perfect customer feedback system【Perfect customer feedback system】

  1. Customer feedback message on Right website (for details, please log in http://en.zs-smt.com);

  2.24 hours service phone and mobile phone after sale +86 0755-36698520 18818590695 (Mr.Tang) 
  Three Sound on-site technical debugging guidance scheme for after-sales equipment
  1.    After the equipment arrives at your company, our company arranges the installation and commissioning of engineering and technical personnel. And conduct 1-2 weeks of operation training and technical guidance (can be extended or shortened according to customer requirements).
  2.    If the client company has the requirements, our company can help the client company to carry out the test commissioning test of its full-automatic and full-automatic visual paste printer for its technical staff, and grant the "operating induction certificate" to those who pass the test.
  Four After-sale customer return visit and service file management
  1. Right's designated personnel regularly call back customers to understand the operation and use of the machine.
  2. Right regularly sends someone to check the machine for free.
  3. Right records the details of each return visit and establishes a complete customer service file.
  Two Fast and efficient service team
  1.    The after-sales service personnel are senior professional and technical personnel of Right Company. After formal training by the company, they only work alone after passing the exam.
  2.    The after-sales service department is equipped with a service car shuttle, which is fast and efficient.
  3.    After receiving the equipment failure notification, the after-sales department will reply within half an hour within the Pearl River Delta if the equipment is not working properly, and dispatch personnel to the site within 3 hours to solve the problem; within half an hour outside the Pearl River Delta, the response will be based on the specific Situation After-sales personnel are dispatched to the scene to solve the problem within 12 hours. (If the start-up cannot be produced normally, the after-sales personnel communicate with the customer and rush to the scene within the time required by the customer).
  4.Right provides 7 * 24 * 365 all-year round-the-clock service, and there are people on duty during holidays
  Five After-sales service system and customer complaint handling
  1.    After-sales personnel are subject to unified command arrangements during the service of the client company.
  2.    After-sales personnel should fill in the after-sales report while in the factory, and ask the relevant technical personnel of the customer to sign and confirm and return to our company.
  3.    If the customer finds that our company's after-sales service personnel improperly behaves or fails to serve during the service period, please call our company to complain at any time. After the investigation is true, the first complaint will be a fine of 200 ~ 500 yuan, and the same party will be The second company was fired.
  4.    According to the actual situation of the complaint, the customer can decide whether the complained after-sales personnel continue to stay in the factory, and can propose to replace other after-sales personnel.
  5.    Our company has a dedicated customer complaint line  Mr.Aaron +86 15012916778