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SiP / submodule production + multiple varieties and mid-range applications

Time : 2020-04-21

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SiP / submodule production + multiple varieties and mid-range applications

"ASM fast and flexible production line" is the second SMT production line set up at the booth. A SIPLACE SX2 will demonstrate optimized new product introduction functions and special LED placement options. This machine is equipped with a SIPLACE MultiStar placement head, according to the placement The types of components can be immediately switched between collection and placement, pickup and placement, and mixed mode. "ASM's highest precision production line" is designed for highly demanding and rapidly growing sub-modules and SiP (system-in-package ) Market. A SIPLACE TX2i micron mounts SMT components with a precision of 15 µm @ 3 sigma, while a SIPLACE CA mounts bare chips directly from the wafer with a precision of 10 µm @ 3 sigma.

In addition to these high-end solutions, ASM also demonstrated its "ASM's most cost-effective production line." This production line consists of E by DEK paste printer and E by SIPLACE placement machine. The highlight is ASM's more attractive ASM product portfolio for mid-range solutions. This combination perfectly balances precision, speed and flexibility.