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Standardized M2M communication in MT production: The new "Hermes standard" communication protocol he

Time : 2020-04-21

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Standardized M2M communication in MT production: The new `Hermes standard` communication protocol he

Core Tip: From the electronics manufacturing industry 17 leading equipment suppliers agree to a non-patented "SMT assembly independent of supplier ’s Hermes standard for machine-to-machine communication ". Based on TCP / IP and XML protocols, it is possible for the PCB to have full traceability during the transmission of all machines on the entire line for the first time.

At a conference in Munich, 17 leading equipment suppliers from the electronics manufacturing industry agreed on the non-patented "Hermes standard for supplier-independent machine-to-machine communication in SMT assembly". Based on the TCP / IP and XML protocols, it is possible for the first time that the PCB has full traceability (for example, no data loss) during the transmission of all machines on the entire line. For electronics manufacturers, when building and integrating SMT production lines, the new open standard protocol provides more transparency while saving time and costs. Therefore, the Hermes standard may become a major component of the SMT smart factory.
This plan was proposed by ASM Assembly Systems and ASYS to develop a new communication interface designed to replace the original SMEMA standard that was previously greatly welcomed by most leading international SMT equipment manufacturers. On March 22, 17 leading SMT equipment suppliers gathered in Munich to approve the first version of this open protocol. Detailed parameters will be announced at the end of June so that third-party suppliers can also start R & D activities. The goal is to first introduce some products and communicate with other production line components through the Hermes standard, which will be completed at the Productronica trade show in Munich on November 14-17 this year.
"The Hermes standard for vendor-independent machine-to-machine communication in SMT assembly" uses TCP / IP, allowing all stations of the SMT production line (paste printers, conveyors, placement machines, AOI systems, reflow ovens, etc.) to communicate with each other. It also uses an extensible XML data structure to transmit information, such as circuit board ID, conveyor speed, and circuit carrier size. A big advantage: each circuit board needs to be recognized once on the first machine that is compatible with one line of the Hermes standard. With the publication of an open standard, the Hermes standard will be available to all SMT equipment suppliers at no cost. Because the protocol is designed to be scalable, users will pass more production line information in the medium term.